踏實經營 熱情服務
安全第一 業主肯定

  • Mechanical Engineering :
    Machinery equipment installation , repair and maintenance [ such as diesel generators , blowers , turbines, chemical machinery , cranes , etc. ]
    The machining equipment parts
    Workshop, steel structure , mechanical equipment design, production , construction and heavy machinery cold repair , installation work bedside stand
    Electrical Engineering :
    Substation and Wiring engineering design and construction
    Automatic control system design, installation and maintenance
    Refrigeration and air conditioning , cooling towers , water and fire systems engineering
    A-level for installing the water pipe
    Grade refrigeration and air conditioning engineering
    A kind of electrical contractor industry
    Domestic and foreign civil engineering, construction , water conservancy and soil preparation engineering contracting business
    SRC Steel Construction
    Floating Dock Project
    Harbour Engineering Business
    Industrial plant civil, mechanical and electrical equipment integrated turnkey project
    Dust the production and installation of equipment
    The production of various types of transportation facilities and installation works
    Tank, tower tank , storage tanks, pressure vessels and piping engineering production
    Air pollution control facilities fabrication and installation works
    Noise control facilities the production and installation works
    Hydraulic machinery , pumping stations and installation of production facilities engineering
    Water systems and sewage treatment equipment, production and installation works
    Lifting equipment , cranes and the production and installation of gates
    Metal surface protective coatings construction and related engineering contract generally paint
    Measuring drilling earthworks ( non- construction industry ) 's affairs
    Dredging industry
    Sand, silt sea throwing industry
    Insulation, cold installation engineering
    Traffic signal installation engineering
    Paper Container Manufacturing
    Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturing
    Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
    Other machinery manufacturing
    ( 1 roller machining 2 . Gear cutting 3 . Hydraulic Machinery 4 special steel cutting equipment
    Mold Manufacturing
    Landscape engineering
    Waste Disposal Equipment Installation Engineering Industry
    Soil pollution control engineering
    Cable installation engineering
    Elevator installation engineering
    Ventilation systems engineering