About Us


 Ju-Kao Engineering Co., Ltd. has participated in lots of construction or expansion project for many large-scale companies in Taiwan since established in April, 1974.
And joins Sagen Construction(Grade A), in November 1977,in the team of turn-key project for our furure marketing. 
    Our excellent ability and quality have been approved by China Steel Corp., Taiwan Power Corp.(Nuclear and coal-fired Power Plant),China Petroleum Corp.,Taiwan Co.Ltd.,Chungwa Telecom Co.Ltd., and Yung-Lien Gas Corp.(Orient Union Chemical Corp.).The undertaken projects consist of factory steel structure,machinery,large storage tanks,pipeline,utility devices and environmental protection equipment.We can provide total solution from design,fabrication manufacturing,erertion,installation and maintenance for any new,expansion,revamping and renewing project for above-mentioned industries and application.
At the beginning of founding, we are committed to the management of "Quality,Profession,Safety,Service and Delivery".We believe that our continuous efforts and well-approved technology have won are our precious asset and your greatest resource. Their dedication and commitment to excellence are appraised in our industry.

To further improve our management and approve our commit to your success, the ISO-9002 certified on August 5,1999. Ju-Kao is sure to be your best and trustable partner now and in the future.