Business Item

● Mechanical engineering: 
(a) installation, repairing and maintenance service of any 
      mechanical equipment (including diesel power 
      generator, fan and blower, stram turbine, chemical 
      equipment and any type of crane)
(b) Maching of mechanical components
(c) Design, fabrication, installation engineering of industrial
      factory, steel structure and mechanical equipment,
      especially dedicated to heavy-duty machinery 


● Electrical engineering:
   (a) Design and construction of power substation (transformer) andcabling
   (b) Design, installation and maintenance of automatic control system 
   (c) Total engineering of air conditioning, cooling tower, and fire protection system 

● Building construction, Hydraulic engineering and exploration of the earth work

in domestic and oversea

   (a) SRC Building
   (b) Floating Dock
   (c) Harbor's construction 

● Construction of dust collection system

● Construction of any kind of conveying system 

● Fabrication and Piping of oil tank, storage tank, pressure vessel

● Construction of air pollution control system 

● Construction of noise control system

● Construction of hydraulic machinery and pumping system

● Construction of water and waste water treatment system

● Construction of crane equipment

● Metal painting and coating project 

● Civil engineering - survey and exploration of earth work