Cool, dry weather to give way to heat and rain starting Thursday

Forecasters expect little rain over the next couple days, despite the formation of a tropical storm just off Taiwan’s northeast coast. But the relatively cool, dry weather enjoyed on Monday is only expected to last until Thursday, when warmer, moisture-carrying air arrives.

With the sun finally showing its face, on the streets people could be seen dressed casually and toting parasols. There was reason to believe that this weather would be short-lived, following the formation of a tropical storm off Taiwan’s northeast coast.

But forecasters say Toraji, the 17th tropical storm of the year, will not have a direct impact on Taiwan. Its periphery is actually causing moisture in the air around the island to drop, which will lead to better weather through the middle of the week. Only eastern regions could see scattered showers. 

The most surprising weather condition over the past couple of days though was the mild, breezy air.

Liu Jen-wei
CWB Forecaster
From Monday to Wednesday, stronger northern winds will drop temperatures somewhat.

From Thursday, winds to the southeast will bring warmer air to Taiwan. Forecasters say that rain is possible throughout the weekend.